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Field Workforce Scheduling

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Powering More than Your Field Service Calendar

Your customer's issue cannot be resolved remotely, and you need to dispatch a technician to their site. You want to respond immediately, but you also need to ensure that your field service teams — either your employees or your partners' — are utilized efficiently; minimizing long drive times and white space in their schedules.

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Scheduling Flexibility

And, because no two companies are the same, we offer a number of different ways to schedule technicians — self scheduled, interactively scheduled or fully automated “optimization”, just to name a few. ServiceMax has the right options to help you efficiently manage work orders, maximize utilization rates, and keep your most valuable customers happy.

Right Job, Right Tech, Right Parts with the Best Results

First-Time-Fix Rate

Mobile Tech Productivity

ServiceMax ensures you send the right tech to the right job at the right time, with remarkable results. The average ServiceMax customer increases first time fix rates by 18%* and increases productivity for mobile techs by 26%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results, based on a survey conducted in Jan. 2014.

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