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Case Study

McKinley Elevator: Connected Field Service


Creating a smarter service strategy fit well with the needs of McKinley customers who value having reliable elevators and accessibility lift products. In the most basic sense, downtime is simply not an option for someone who relies on a wheelchair lift or elevator. McKinley began to construct a strategy for delivering a service plan that would allow them to dominate in market spaces where customers placed a high value on uptime, well-maintained equipment, and exceptional first-time fix rates.

White Paper

Best Practices for Improving Field Service Operations


Service has become increasingly critical to business success. This is especially true of industrial companies where the margins on selling service are about 20 percent higher than the sale of equipment, and the 1 expectation is for service revenue to nearly double by 2020 . External market dynamics are tough as well--competition has become the leading challenge on service leaders’ minds in 2016.


Connected Service


A joint solution from ServiceMax and PTC ThingWorx that harnesses the power of IoT to deliver flawless, proactive service.


How Sony Transformed Professional Services Across Europe


How Sony Transformed Professional Services Across Europe Sony Professional Services Europe - the non- consumer part of Sony.


5 Ways For Medical Device Companies To Implement Flawless Cloud Field Service



ServiceMax Magazine Issue #2 Summer 2016


Read the second issue of ServiceMax Magazine, written by experts for the whole field service organization.

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