GE Digital has Acquired ServiceMax to Extend Predix and Analytics Across Field Service Processes
ServiceMax from GE Digital


The demand for software that can make sense of field service’s moving parts cannot be overstated. No other company offers an end-to-end, cloud-based solution that delivers the right data to the right people at the right time. ServiceMax has the opportunity to be the Kleenex of field service, synonymous with an entirely new category of software aimed at one of the largest markets in the world.

Rob Ward

Managing Director, Meritech Capital

Field service management software is an estimated $15 billion industry, and ServiceMax can be the standard. The field service industry is everywhere. Every machine in a home, office, or hospital that needs to be installed, maintained, or repaired requires field service. By taking advantage of developments in cloud, social, and mobile technology, ServiceMax has become an indispensable partner to field service organizations globally.

David Mount

Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Where on-premise solutions once reigned, organizations large and small are now adopting a cloud-based approach to manage their business processes. The field service industry is one of the ripest sectors for this change and we believe that ServiceMax is leading the way. We are proud to be working with a great team and fast-growing industry leader.

Rajeev Batra

Partner at Mayfield Fund

Field service is the greatest use-case for cloud, mobile and social, and ServiceMax is built on a foundation of these technologies," said Jason Green, ServiceMax board member and partner at Emergence Capital. "The elite, proven team at ServiceMax combined with the huge market opportunity and their incredible pace of innovation, makes them the clear field service leader now and going forward.

Jason Green

Partner, Emergence Capital

Field service is a massive and largely untapped market today. Our due diligence and conversations with customers led us to conclude that ServiceMax is the clear market leader, and is well positioned for continued growth. The company's impressive roster of branded global customers, solid track record, and a proven leadership team gives us all the confidence that ServiceMax will continue to grow at an impressive rate.

Mike Zappert

Principal, Adams Street Partners

ServiceMax has maintained its strong culture of winning and its relentless focus on customer success since its early days as a company, and those are key contributors to their incredible growth. As the field service software industry expands rapidly, ServiceMax continues to assert its leadership powered by the best team and product in the market.

Noel Fenton

General Partner, Trinity Ventures

ServiceMax is a leader in using cloud computing to transform the field service industry. The speed and ease with which ServiceMax is delivering compelling new solutions in a complex industry like field service is validation that app dev in the cloud is immediate and real. By building their applications on Salesforce1, ServiceMax is focusing 100% of its development effort on delivering field service functionality and innovation instead of managing infrastructure.

George Hu

Chief Operating Officer (COO),