ServiceMax from GE Digital

Athani Krishnaprasad

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, ServiceMax, from GE Digital

Prior Experience

Coherent, Fortuna, Infogain, and Kirloskar 

Professional Experience

Athani is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at ServiceMax Inc. In this role, Athani is responsible for creating, communicating and executing strategic initiatives around growth & innovation, and creating strategic alignment behind the vision. Since founding ServiceMax, Athani has led ServiceMax’s product vision and strategy, product design, and product marketing and management functions. With his intimate understanding of customer needs and pain points, as well as technology and industry trends, Athani has played a key role in driving growth & positioning ServiceMax as a leader in the market.

Prior to founding ServiceMax, Athani has held leadership and customer management positions in global companies developing technology solutions in ERP, CRM, and Field Service Management areas, and advising companies in driving efficiencies, growth and differentiation in their markets.

Athani has a Bachelors degree in EC Engineering from India.

Q & A

  • What do you like to do outside of work?
    Relaxing outdoors, playing golf and bike riding …especially when it's with my wife and kids. Reading great books (usually contemporary science, human history and Indian literature) and spending time with family and friends. Starting to pickup some racing too!
  • Where in your background did you learn the most?
    In the last 18 years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some great leaders and visionaries in businesses across US, Europe and Asia, helping them put their vision into action. Starting ServiceMax several years ago, and working with the technology, customer needs, and go-to-market challenges, I have learned a great deal about how customer success is key to building a great company. Customer success is central to everything we do here at ServiceMax.
  • If you could meet one person in history, who would you meet and why?
    There are so many that I wish I had the opportunity to meet and associate with in very diverse fields … many great scientists that worked lifelong to eliminate deep-rooted dogma & illuminate truth, many great leaders that worked tirelessly to improve situation for their fellow human beings from all kinds of cultural backgrounds, musicians and artists that created such an impact on the entire world sharing their sense of beauty and love for humanity. But the one person that I so wish I had met was Mahatma Gandhi. A true leader who had the grandest of vision for independent India, a person of such profound levels of will power and integrity, and yet such a humble human being that lived a very simple life. There is no other that has influenced my vision of ideal more than Gandhi.
  • What's been your biggest surprise during your time at ServiceMax?
    How we at ServiceMax have been willing take chances on so many firsts, and how we have been embraced by our customers & partners, excellent investors, and most of all, a fantastic team of individuals that have joined us on our quest to revolutionize the field service industry.
  • If you had 20 seconds to tell a new client about why they should use ServiceMax, what would you say?
    ServiceMax can help you revolutionize the way you deliver services to your customers. While doing so, our solution can help you produce better bottom line results by helping you identify opportunities to grow your services revenue, gain operational efficiencies, at the same time providing great tools in the hands of your employees to make them happy and effective representatives of your brand.
  • Why are you proud to work at ServiceMax?
    At ServiceMax, we are out to change the world! We are doing so working with cutting edge technology, visionary business leaders in a wide variety of companies, and a very talented team of people that I am proud to associate myself with. What can be more fun?!