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Blake Wolff

Senior Vice President of Services, ServiceMax, from GE Digital

Prior Experience

Astadia, MW Advisors, and The Telvista Company

Professional Experience

As ServiceMax’s Senior Vice President of Services, Blake is responsible for the overall direction and execution of the company’s global services organization and partner alliances and programs.

Prior to ServiceMax in 2006, Blake co-founded Astadia, a cloud solutions consulting and systems integrator. During his tenure, Blake served in various capacities including President, holding responsibility for global sales, international expansion, emerging business and corporate development and Executive Vice President, holding responsibility for strategic alliances, enterprise sales, and corporate marketing. Blake served on Astadia’s board of directors until its successful sale in 2012.

Prior to Astadia, Blake was co-founder & CEO of MW Advisors, a management consulting and technology solutions firm based in Dallas, Texas. At MW Advisors, Blake developed his first passion for cloud technologies, helping clients improve sales and service productivity through the enablement of SaaS technologies such as Salesforce.com and Eloqua. Preceding MW Advisors, Blake was President and CEO of The Telvista Company, a multi-national call center outsourcer. Over five years, Blake guided company expansion from one call center to numerous call centers with over 3,000 employees across two countries. Blake began his career at CompUSA holding various sr. management positions across retail, commercial and service divisions. Blake holds a MBA from Emory University and a BBA in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin.

Q & A

  • What do you like to do outside of work?

    My first priority is always being a great dad and supportive spouse. Nothing makes me happier than enjoying in my family’s successes. I am an avid reader with a love of suspense / mystery novels and enjoy traveling to new destinations.

  • Where in your background did you learn the most?

    To me, it’s not about “where,” but “when” did you learn the most. I have been lucky enough to be involved in four fast growing companies. During periods of high-growth, you learn and experience so much about building teams and processes that can scale and leverage, but also be impactful for long periods of time.

  • If you could meet one person in history, who would you meet and why?

    I am a huge fan of non-violent leaders. These stalwart leaders have shown that permanent success can only be reached by true collaboration. Standing up for what you believe is heroic, but history proves that successful, long-term solutions are only reached if all parties work together for meaningful resolutions. My favorites? Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

  • What's been your biggest surprise during your time at ServiceMax?

    I knew coming into ServiceMax that the company’s culture was important to the success ServiceMax has enjoyed. What was hard for me to visualize is how our culture positively impacts and permeates all that we do from hiring, collaborating, partnering and delivering.

  • If you had 20 seconds to tell a new client about why they should use ServiceMax, what would you say?

    Bring us your over-worked, process laden, field service teams and we will return an efficient, mobile-enabled, profit driving, client satisfying work force.

  • Why are you proud to work at ServiceMax?

    Anyone that has worked with me knows that I like people who regularly perform “greater good” acts. These are people that think beyond their job function, helping others through support and innovation. That’s what you find at ServiceMax. An amazing team of individuals that are talented at what they do, but somehow also find time to help others including co-workers, customers and partners reach their success and potential.

    Now imagine all of these amazing “greater good” people focused on delivering innovative solutions to our clients – helping them define and reach their goals. How do we know we are succeeding? Every year, our clients are reporting better metrics – increased service revenues, decreased field service costs, improved productivity and more satisfied customers. Who wouldn’t be proud of that?