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Dave Hart

 Senior Vice President of Customer Success, ServiceMax

Prior Experience

Pitney Bowes and Oce

Professional Experience

Dave Hart is Senior Vice President of Customer Success at ServiceMax where he focuses on working with prospects and existing customers to understand and unlock the true value their field service organizations. Having started his career as a field service engineer, Hart has decades of field service management and customer transformation experience, most recently leading Pitney Bowes’ entire European Service organization. During his more than a decade at Pitney Bowes, Hart also managed the international DMT (Document Messaging Technologies) service group, UK GMS (Global Mailing Solutions) group, and national operations of Pitney Bowes Management Services.

Q & A

  • What do you like to do outside of work?

    As I travel extensively with work, I like to try and sample new cultures and spend time in a country I am visiting. I am also a qualified soccer referee (someone has to do it) and a terrible golfer.

  • Where in your background did you learn the most?

    As I came up ‘through the ranks’ I learnt a great deal at every level. I learnt what motivates engineers, through understanding what motivated me, when I was an engineer. I also really grasped how engineers are an untapped potential for generating revenues, being ‘trusted advisors’.

  • If you could meet one person in history, who would you meet and why?

    Ron Taylor. Ron and his wife Valerie were pioneers in their field of shark behavior, helping us understand that sharks are not indiscriminate killers. Ron was the first man to swim with Great White sharks with no cage (respect) and also filmed the live sequences for the 1975 film, Jaws. He devoted his whole life to understanding sharks, educate the world on their behaviors and I would have loved to have a real in depth conversation with him on his experiences. In 2011, I had an all time wish come true; I went in a shark cage off the coast of South Australia and stroked a 16 foot Great White as it swam past. It was truly awesome and just increased my respect for Ron.

  • What's been your biggest surprise during your time at ServiceMax?

    I am truly surprised at just how little has been invested into service organizations in the last 10 years. I see global companies run on spreadsheets and white boards and wonder if they had a service system to meet their needs, just how much more efficient and profitable they would be? I guess it just re affirms how much opportunity there is in this space.

  • If you had 20 seconds to tell a new client about why they should use ServiceMax, what would you say?

    I would explain that Service leaders are in the ‘spotlight’ right now with CEO’s demanding growth, but there lies the opportunity. ServiceMax will give any service leader a global, scaleable, intuitive and flexible cloud based solution that will deliver a 360-degree view of their business and has already proved on multiple occasions, in organizations of all sizes, that it will drive tangible fiscal and operational results.

  • Why are you proud to work at ServiceMax?

    There is a plethora of talented and engaged people working at ServiceMax. Customer success is in our DNA and we are growing at a terrific pace. There is a real ‘buzz’ that we are at the forefront of the ‘service revolution’ and it makes me proud that ServiceMax are playing a part in this revolution.