ServiceMax from GE Digital

Dave Yarnold

Chief Executive Officer, ServiceMax, from GE Digital

Prior Experience

SuccessFactors, Extensity, and Clarify

Professional Experience

Dave Yarnold is the chief executive officer of ServiceMax. A veteran of the SaaS and Field Service industries, Dave believed in field service management’s massive potential nearly a decade ago and has been instrumental in building FSM into a thriving industry.

Over the past seven years, Dave has grown ServiceMax to become the world’s leading provider of cloud-based mobile Field Service solutions. Today, he leads an international team of people dedicated to rethinking field service, and delivering cutting-edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and build lasting customer relationships. Dave is a noted service transformation expert and regular speaker at enterprise, manufacturing, engineering and emerging technology conferences. 

Prior to joining ServiceMax, Dave was the vice president of global sales for SuccessFactors, a provider of on-demand talent management software. Under Dave’s leadership, sales grew from $5 million in 2003 to well over $100 million in 2007, when SuccessFactors became one of the first public SaaS companies.

Yarnold also held executive sales positions at Extensity, an employee relationship management software company, and Clarify (acquired by Nortel Networks), a pioneer in customer relationship management software. 


Q & A

  • What do you like to do outside of work?
    What I like to do outside of work: Spend time with my family; read everything I can get my hands on; travel.
  • Where in your background did you learn the most?
    I love being part of the software industry. Spending the past 27 years in the industry has been a fantastic ongoing learning experience. There is no better accelerated learning environment than a company that's doubling year after year. I've been a part of some wonderful leadership teams with whom I've experienced amazing growth (and some humbling years as well), but most importantly, been in environments where I was able to learn and benefit from the mistakes I've made.
  • What's been your biggest surprise during your time at ServiceMax?

    I've been most surprised by the massive need for our solution in the Field Service industry. I laugh when I hear ServiceMax described as a “niche” business. There are over 10 million field service professionals in the U.S. and Europe alone, and hundreds of thousands of commercial and residential specialty service businesses. The CRM industry has been so focused on the needs of salespeople for the past decade, they've forgotten about the field guys who keep everything running.

    Look around you as you drive to work. Everything you see needs to be maintained or fixed over time. Count the number of little white vans as you drive…service people on their way to fix the stuff that makes everything tick. Many companies generate the majority of their revenues and profits from service contracts. Service teams desperately need innovative, usable solutions and we're out to make that happen.

    Finally, I've been amazed and gratified by the passion and fervor with which we've been embraced by folks throughout the service industry. Clearly, there is pent up opportunity within this long neglected segment, and we're happy to serve them.

  • If you had 20 seconds to tell a new client about why they should use ServiceMax, what would you say?
    Imagine being able to provide flawless service, less expensively and more profitably. Imagine sending your service engineers into the field with mobile and social capabilities that ensure that the best you have to offer shows up on every service call. Imagine your service business driving top-line growth, additional profits, and increased customer loyalty. Respectfully, if you don't implement ServiceMax, you're leaving a lot of money on the table and you're not maximizing the brand impact of one of your most important assets: your field service team.
  • Why are you proud to work at ServiceMax?

    I love the business we're in, and the fantastic team we've put together to build it.

    Our customers do cool stuff. They take care of everything you see: complex medical devices like lasers, patient monitors, and cancer treatment solutions that save lives; roofs, roads and parking lots; office machines, coffee machines and meat processors; windmills, solar panels, building control systems, boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning units; everything you see around you…our customers are out keeping them in service, doing what they were designed to do. I'm proud to be helping our customers make sure it's all running smoothly.

    I'm proud to be building a great team and culture at ServiceMax. We hire fantastic people who are focused on making sure we deliver extraordinary value for our customers. Employees who strive to make every customer interaction one where the customer walks away and says, “Oh WOW, I just love working with ServiceMax!” A team that collaborates respectfully across the company, and with our partners. A culture that encourages risk-taking, mistake-making and constant learning. Finally, I'm proud to be part of a team with an absolute and relentless commitment to become the leading provider of next-generation solutions that our customers, and our industry, depend on.