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Patrice Eberline

Vice President of Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax, from GE Digital

Prior Experience

SuccessFactors, Infor, and Extensity

Professional Experience

Patrice Eberline is Vice President of Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax where she uses her years of service delivery experience working with prospects and existing customers to fully leverage the value of ServiceMax to their field service organizations.

Patrice brings over 18 years of services and leadership experience to ServiceMax, and has held key leadership roles in several fast-growing software companies. Focused on delivering high impact and long-term customer success, Patrice has a broad background in all aspects of implementation delivery, from methodology to package content, as well as creating/implementing best practice strategies for deployment, training, and adoption across large and complex organizations. Prior to ServiceMax, Patrice was with SuccessFactors, serving as Global Director of SMB Professional Services as well as SuccessFactors University. Prior to SuccessFactors, she was Vice President of Professional Services at Infor, where she led a global staff of consultants across four discrete Corporate Performance Management practices and hosted operations.

Patrice holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of the Pacific, with special study in strategy development and conflict resolution.

Q & A

  • What do you like to do outside of work?

    I am an avid photographer, gardener, and home renovator.

  • Where in your background did you learn the most?

    Honestly, all the really big lessons came from my family and their rather humorous views of the world. From a business perspective, however, I probably learned the most at Extensity/Infor, where I was first able to see and be part of a rapidly growing start-up that was acquired by a much larger organization. The challenges and learning opportunities over a period of years were invaluable, and I was fortunate to have had some very strong mentors there who taught me a lot about strategy, vision, and priorities.

  • If you could meet one person in history, who would you meet and why?

    I would have to choose Leonard da Vinci. Much has been written about his life, passions and vision. To sit down and have a conversation with someone whose background is so broad and accomplishments so many would be nothing short of priceless. His life and genius serve as an example to never put limits on your potential, your creativity and your technological ingenuity.

  • What's been your biggest surprise during your time at ServiceMax?

    There is such a strong collaborative spirit, passion, and dedication to all of our customers at ServiceMax. It's a rare combination to have so consistently throughout an organization, and it's infectious!

  • If you had 20 seconds to tell a new client about why they should use ServiceMax, what would you say?

    My life consists of talking to new clients about their use of ServiceMax! Like our marketing department says, I would tell them to throw out everything they've ever thought about field service. This is a completely new way. Not only a new way of using technology to optimize complex processes, but a new way to leverage the strategic value of the field service function for the entire company.

  • Why are you proud to work at ServiceMax?

    I love the business we're in, and the fantastic team we've put together to build it. Our customers do cool stuff. They take care of everything you see: complex medical devices like lasers, patient monitors, and cancer treatment solutions that save lives; roofs, roads and parking lots; coffee machines and meat processing machines; boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning units; everything you see around you…our customers are out keeping them in service, doing what they were designed to do. I'm proud to be helping our customers make sure it's all running smoothly. I'm proud to be building a great team and culture at ServiceMax. We hire fantastic people who are focused on making sure we deliver extraordinary value for our customers. Employees who strive to make every customer interaction one where the customer walks away and says, “Oh WOW, I just love working with ServiceMax!” A team that collaborates respectfully across the company, and with our partners. A culture that encourages risk-taking, mistake-making and constant learning. Finally, I'm proud to be part of a team with an absolute and relentless commitment to become the leading provider of next-generation solutions that our customers, and our industry, depend on.