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How does ServiceMax Contractor Management improve your service execution?

Field Engineer Productivity
Net Promoter Score
Service Costs

ServiceMax ensures that technicians – both your own employees or third party contractors – are well-equipped to exceed your customers' service expectations. Our service execution platform enables remarkable results like these.

The average ServiceMax customer increases field productivity by 23%, net promoter scores by 20%, and reduces service costs by 14%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

Get insights from IDC analyst Aly Pinder into how to leverage contractors for your service execution

IDC predicts that by 2020 about 20% of service will be delivered by contractors.

In this 2min video, Aly Pinder, Program Director at IDC outlines how to achieve and measure success when outsourcing service work to third parties. Referring to his full research note, Aly touches upon how working with contractors is more than just handing off work orders and what service organization need to be aware of.

Listen to his perspective, then read the companion IDC Analyst Connection.

Manage your third-party technicians

Outsource work and deliver top services to your customers

For all the outsourcing goals you have set out to achieve, your contracted partners are your direct line to your customers. To be optimally prepared for their jobs, and to hit their SLA goals, they have to always be current on work orders, parts, service and equipment history, entitlements, or documentation. Third-party technicians need to communicate with you and each other in case problems arise.

With the ServiceMax Partner Community, you can securely share information with your partners, get real-time visibility into your partners’ operations to ensure their accountability, and manage your customers’ experience.

  • Publication

    IDC Analyst Connection: Excelling at Service Delivery with a Hybrid Workforce

Service Delivery Excellence with a Hybrid Field Workforce

The Cornerstones of Service Outsourcing

"The nature of work in the manufacturing industry is changing. [...] Over the next three to four years, a manufacturer's top business priorities will be to improve revenue and expand to new markets. The contractor's role thus will continue to increase and become more critical as manufacturers look to deliver on these business goals."

Aly Pinder, Program Director, Service Innovation and Connected Products at IDC highlights pertinent areas and provides you with actionable recommendations.

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  • Webinar

    Which Field Service Contractor Management Model Is Right For You?

    Successfully outsourcing field service work to contractors is more than just handing off work orders to third-party technicians. To get it right, you need to be aware of common contractor engagement models, as well as their uses cases and limitations. View this 30-minute webinar to understand the growing adoption of outsourcing by TSIA Field Services members and the primary drivers for these initiatives. You’ll also learn how to get a jumpstart on developing your field work outsourcing strategy. Using practical customer examples, we will take a close look at the pros, the cons, and lessons learned.

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    Contractor Management with ServiceMax Partner Community

    Boost the flexibility of your field workforce with third-party technicians. In field service, it is all about the customer focus, their experience is the measure of your success. To increase your geographical coverage, to meet seasonal demand, or for specific types of work, you may need a capacity boost from third-party technicians. Or you outsource all your field service activities to contracted partners. ServiceMax Partner Community addresses your demand for real-time visibility into your partners’ operations to ensure their accountability, and your customers’ experience. It makes your service channel transparent and lets you securely share information with your partners, empowering them to deliver great service on your behalf.

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