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What happens when ServiceMax helps manage your service parts logistics?

Service Costs
Mean Time to Repair

ServiceMax ensures you have parts visibility across locations, in vans and at depots. Wherever you repair, ServiceMax keeps service logistics efficient so you can keep your operations profitable. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer decreases service costs by 14%* and mean time to repair by 13%*. These decreases, among other indicators is why ServiceMax is the leading field service management software.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

Manage parts, returns and repairs across any service network

See How Litepoint uses ServiceMax for efficient depot repair operations

Broken products, missing parts and messy returns; these are a major drain on your profitability and a major strain on your customer relationships. But they also represent a unique opportunity. A timely, hassle-free replacement or repair can result in a customer more loyal to your brand than ever before, while a quick turnaround of refurbished products or parts can significantly lower costs and positively impact your bottom line.

Spare Parts & Trunk Stock

The right parts, on-time – every time

"Sorry, I don't have that part in my van – I'll track one down and come back later." Nothing is more frustrating for your customer or your technician. With ServiceMax this a rare occurrence. Careful tracking of parts in the warehouse and with the technician ensures you know where parts are at all times. In addition, trigger-based parts auto-replenishment features minimize overstocking while simultaneously preventing stock “run outs,” ensuring optimal inventory levels that technicians can rely on for their parts requisitions.

Inventory Integration

Complete inventory control across systems

Managing inventory is a constant balancing act. Carry too little inventory and you risk losing revenue opportunities and disappointing customers who can't get the part or product they need. Carry too much inventory and your company is hit with costly write-downs. ServiceMax helps you maintain optimal inventory levels. Our parts management capabilities integrated with inventory costing and control capabilities of leading ERP systems, provides complete management of all inventory locations, including depot repair facilities, technician trucks and customers’ service consignment. Timely inventory updates ensure that your inventory is up-to-date, accurate and audited–thereby minimizing inventory leakage and write-downs.

Returns Material Authorization (RMA)

Optimize returns from any location through any repair network

Returns represent one of the most logistically challenging processes in your service chain - for you, your suppliers, your distributors, and your customers. For organizations in industries like consumer electronics, high technology or medical device manufacturers with large volumes and complex, global service networks, the challenge is even more daunting. Luckily, ServiceMax enables you to automatically speed returns through multiple depots and locations, so you keep track of it all while keeping the cost of logistics low.

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    How to Improve Parts Visibility and Availability with ServiceMax

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    The Future of spare parts management: Disruption, Opportunity and Innovation

    At ServiceMax, we believe that giving the technicians out on the field a full visibility of the spare parts, at all time, is paramount to improve first-time fix rate, and improve customer satisfaction as well as cash flow. Nothing frustrates customers (and field technicians) more than the inability to complete the service because a spare part is missing. Did you know that 30 percent of failed service is due to parts unavailability?

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    ServiceMax Parts Management

    ServiceMax enables service organizations to manage their parts and inventory levels that give technicians the information they can rely on. ServiceMax makes complex processes simple and repeatable. ServiceMax manages all business processes for parts inventory, including trunk stock management, stock transfers, parts requests, and return material authorizations (RMA). Service organizations have visibility into their parts utilization that allow them to improve their service profitability while increasing their first-time fix rates.

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