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Enhance the efficiency of your asphalt plant business with ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software.

Heavy construction and fabrication can be a very involved and capital-intensive not to mention costly endeavor if managed improperly. To handle all of your fabrication, transportation, demolition and installation needs, you need to be as precise and flexible as possible to keep plants running at full capacity, and to help prevent pricey breakdowns and repairs. With ServiceMax, you harness the power of software capable of handling complex work orders, job scheduling, worker management, invoicing, parts logistics and more all in one, simple solution. ServiceMax allows you to:

  • Empower asphalt plant service field managers to assign service teams, and asphalt plant service technicians
  • Create and generate estimates and quotes
  • Let asphalt plant technicians and partner technicians to create, and complete a field work order
  • Generate reports or invoices for customer signature based on actual time and expense items
  • Access and update work orders from Android or Apple mobile devices, whether the technicians are on or offline
  • Offer real-time service level agreement

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