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ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software greatly enhances the efficiency of your backhoe business.

Trenching, footings, and mass clearings push backhoes to their limits on a daily basis, and it's crucial that these incredibly powerful machines are 100% in working order. Without timely and effective service technicians ensuring that these machines are continually running, big jobs can head south in a hurry. ServiceMax's cloud-based software empowers service field managers to make sure each job is scheduled, handled, and invoiced in the fastest and most reliable fashion. You can now:

  • Empower backhoe service field managers to define service teams, backhoe service technicians and partner service teams along with their territories
  • Prepare and generate estimates and quotes
  • Allow backhoe technicians and partner technicians to create, assign, and update work order
  • Note down the actual time and expense items to generate reports or invoices for customer signature
  • Empower backhoe service technicians to update or access their work orders from hand-held devices, both on and offline
  • Offer real-time service level agreement counters on the work order
  • Deploy software capable of handling complex work orders, backhoe job scheduling, backhoe mobile worker management and much more.