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ServiceMax’s Boiler Service Software for Quick and Easy Repair

Is your boiler service business secure from unsafe gas emissions through corrosion and leaks? It is important for field techs to have accurate repair and model data handy for accurate and fast modifications. ServiceMax’s boiler service software can help.

Use ServiceMax’s cloud-based boiler service software to allow field techs view and update their work orders online. For this they can use their mobile devices regardless of the Internet connection. The software helps you:

  • Empower your boiler service field managers outline the partner service teams and boiler service field technicians including the respective territories
  • Allow your boiler and partner field technicians to design, update, allocate and also debrief field work orders
  • Keep a record of the cost items, create fact-based service reports and invoices instantly for customer signature and eliminate confusion and billing errors
  • Offer instant SLA counters to eliminate SLA violations

Do you want to manage boiler job scheduling and dispatch successfully? Learn more about ServiceMax and how they offer flawless field service today!