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Workforce Optimization Scheduling Software | ServiceMax

In service organizations, it is the dispatchers’ job to get the right technician to the right location at the right time with the right parts and information. They field incoming service requests and create schedules while following corporate guidelines; constantly re-organizing jobs to better meet business objectives—manually, and by applying professional expertise and personal experience. 

As demand rises and the number of work orders and technicians grows, the increasing level of complexity makes fast, effective scheduling decisions even more challenging and time consuming. Service organizations with a large distributed field workforce operating across multiple territories, or dealing with high volumes of work orders, need help to make the most effective scheduling decisions—and that’s where ServiceMax Schedule Optimization comes in.

Based on the services organization’s business objectives, ServiceMax Schedule Optimization delivers continuous workforce optimization, and leverages a sophisticated analytics approach to create the most effective schedule, automatically and in real time.

This helps service organizations to 

  • Minimize unproductive time for dispatchers and technicians
  • Improve customer experience by driving better SLA compliance, and First-Time-Fix rates
  • Govern scheduling across the service organization by automating and standardizing the scheduling process

ServiceMax is the market-leading software platform for service delivery that helps both field service providers and asset operators to keep equipment up and running – in the field, facility or factory. Including continuous workforce optimization software. To learn more, fill out the form today.