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Field Service Contract Management

Managing contracts in a service business can be difficult and many tricky problems can occur. Thankfully, ServiceMax's service contracts and warranty capabilities support organizations to define and control a wide range of service plans and paths, expand into new markets, and improve profits and service revenue all within an end-to-end field service delivery solution. ServiceMax sustains the correctness of installed products, warranty, spare parts and service contracts across locations and customers. This helps make sure that critical data is available and visible to the right people anyplace and anytime throughout the service delivery lifecycle.

Service organizations searching to constantly implement and optimize business processes can directly integrate their business processes into ServiceMax with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This enables processes to be easily deployed and adapted with changing business needs. By leveraging trends in consumer-based interface design, Service Flow Manager by ServiceMax dynamically guides and supports field technicians through workflows, guaranteeing consistent service quality driven by best practices on all visits, while reducing training requirements.

Thus for the first time, swift design and implementation of field service business processes driven by best practices is now a reality.