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Drive Customer Service Automation with ServiceMax

Happy customers boost your brand image! Being unable to address and resolve a customer issue will result in brand erosion. Therefore, equip your field service company with the best solution, advanced technology and expert field techs to speed up resolution times. Drive customer service automation with ServiceMax.

ServicePulse from ServiceMax acts more than a social network and automates customer service. It not only transforms your field service but also the way service delivery is managed. Other than offering useful insights to executives, ServicePulse:

  • Offers secure and real-time communication and collaboration across the company
  • Empowers your field techs to post enquiries, troubleshoot with others, fix customer issues and ensure customer delight
  • Uses key search options like hashtagging to access topics related to service delivery
  • Gains visibility into updates, modifications and other crucial items using the ServicePulse Ticker
  • Uses automated alerts for customer accounts having high volume activity
  • Offers access to social networking features like status updates, profiles, groups, following, commenting and document sharing

Want to maximize customer delight without increasing operational costs? Think ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.