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Respond to Customer Service Technology Trends using ServiceMax

Are you clued into the latest customer service technology trends? Customers today have become cyber savvy more than ever before. They don’t prefer “unable to fix it” as an answer to their problems and want someone to listen to them. ServiceMax ensures customer delight.

To succeed in field service, it is crucial to be aware of a problem before your customers create a stir. ServicePulse from ServiceMax offers a real-time view of your business and your cherished customers. Using ServicePulse you can:

  • Facilitate seamless and real-time collaboration and communication across your company
  • Help field techs share queries on the go and receive inputs from experts on how to resolve them
  • Make use of hashtags and useful search tools to access common and uncommon field service topics
  • Achieve visibility on the updates, changes and addition of other items via ServicePulse Ticker
  • Utilize automated alerts for highlighting customer accounts with high volume activity
  • Have access to standard social networking features such as document sharing, trending, commenting and sharing

Want to offer your customers an intelligent and favourable service experience? Get ServiceMax.

Download our White Paper.