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Dispatch for Trucking - Dispatch Trucking


Getting your fleet of trucks out and to their destinations in a timely manner requires a high end dispatching software. Between calculating distances and factoring in the variety of stops, monitoring truck locations, and keeping customers and brokers informed of timelines are all focus points for online dispatch software. 

Dispatch for trucking, or dispatch trucking, has been around since the beginning of transportation and communication. You still have the truck drivers on the road and dispatcher or dispatch operator in the office. But instead of relying solely on CB radios and physical maps, today's fleets utilize online dispatch software. This service dispatch software utilizes GPS location, tracks fuel mileage and stopping, and can even show additional information like trailer temperature and truck weight. This software is designed to make everyone's jobs easier - no longer will a user give estimates on distance as GPS will allow the team to see the location of the truck and destination. With additional software this data can be calculated to make easier trips more efficient - we've all heard about how UPS only makes right turns and it has saved them millions. More and more companies are leverage service dispatching software to make cost saving measures while also improving customer satisfaction.

ServiceMax from GE Digital is a leading field service software application which includes a fleet tracking and dispatch for trucking suite. By getting the right people to the right job at the right time, ServiceMax customers have seen an increase in productivity by 18% and reduces service costs by 8%. To learn more, download the report!