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ServiceMax Makes Dispatching of Field Workers Easy

Why is the dispatch process important to service? Customer satisfaction and the first-time fix rates go hand-in-hand. Fix rates less than 50% means your likely to have unhappy customers.

Effective dispatching of field workers enhances productivity and increases profits. Use ServiceMax to empower your field dispatching functions. The key to efficient field dispatch functions is maximizing technician utilization rates and offering SLA’s to your customers. ServiceMax makes the process a breeze.

ServiceMax makes dispatching of field workers systematic and effortless by:

  • Viewing the field dispatch statistics depending on query criteria, like unassigned, assigned and high-priority
  • Geographically viewing the field dispatch status instantly in map display
  • Configuring the pre-defined field dispatch guidelines to assign field technicians automatically, based on their expertise levels, skills, job proximity and driving distance of work orders
  • Automating field dispatch by allocating work orders to the service partner resources depending on pre-defined partnership requisites

Give a face-lift to your field service delivery process. For better dispatching of field workers download and read our White Papers.