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ServicerMax's Mobile Apps Help in Field Service Document Management

Are your field techs carrying bulky clipboards and using heavy-duty software? Do they spend more time in understanding the software than resolving customer issues? It's time to simplify your field service delivery process. ServiceMax makes field service document management easy with is advanced mobile apps.

ServiceMax Mobile helps field techs use a device of their choice, like iPads, BlackBerry or iPhone at work. All relevant customer and product information is within their reach. ServiceMax Mobile makes field service document management easy by offering:

  • Advanced data validation during data entry to guarantee data integrity even with no Internet connection
  • Store and forward features helping field techs to access all service information required to solve customer problems
  • SSO and OAuth 2.0 to facilitate a secure access to devices, such as Laptops or iPad
  • ServicePulse, for field techs to share customer issues and receive instant answers from employees and field service experts

ServiceMax Mobile helps you reduce errors and capture relevant service details onsite. Download the White Paper for more information.