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Improve efficiency of your electrical service business using ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software.

It is challenging to assign the perfect task to a skilled electrical field service worker. There needs to be some important considerations, like skill, schedule and route. However, if you want your field service delivery process to be efficient, then you need to ensure that:

  • You have assigned a qualified field worker to fulfill a certain task
  • Your field worker is not busy elsewhere with an infeasible schedule
  • Consumer appointment time is addressed on time
  • Field techs cut down on pointless travel and work more in a day
  • The electrical schedule cost is less and it does not impact customer delight in a negative way

ServiceMax's advanced scheduling service can help.

Advanced scheduling can redefine your electrical scheduling field with its UI and Dispatch Console. It helps you streamline your scheduling processes (automatic, interactive or manual) and allot and create schedules for various field work orders. Use ServiceMax to smoothly manage complicated field work orders, inventories, parts movements, electrical job scheduling and contracts.