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Maximize Technician Productivity

In field service organizations, managing technician schedules can be a difficult task for service managers. With the right tools, the entire field service processes from creating work orders to dispatching field technicians can be well optimized.

With ServiceMax, you can send the right technician to the job site at the appropriate time. You can maximize customer delight and call closure rates. You can also provide exceptional user interface for your managers to manage all the scheduling processes, efficiently. With easy assign and setup of schedules, you can work on multiple work orders easily.

Even the most skilled dispatcher may not make the right choices. And, workforce optimization clears large organizations from errors in their dispatch processes and delivers a schedule based on what is prioritized. Our dispatch algorithm balances multiple criteria such as, vehicle drive times, technician's abilities to ensure an optimized schedule. Drive technician field rates by lowering the windshield time, and increasing the wrench time. It is that easy with ServiceMax.