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Features of Cloud-Based Employee Task and Time Tracking Software

Time management is crucial in field service business. Field workers need to access crucial data to resolve customer issues on time. Field managers need to exercise timely decision making. Therefore, time tracking is essential at a strategic and tactical level. ServiceMax offers help.

If you want to offer customer satisfaction and maintain high service effectiveness you need to dispatch the correct field worker onsite. It is also essential to make sure that field techs travel less, work more and cater to the SLA promises on time. Cloud-based order management solution from ServiceMax functions as an employee task and time tracking software to help you:

  • Increase your field service team productivity in totality
  • Increase collections and reduce days sale outstanding
  • Eliminate unwanted paperwork
  • Reduce the violations related to customer SLA promises
  • Minimize the chances of billing errors
  • Reduce the expenses by accurately keeping a track of the parts, labor expenses and field tech time
  • Enhance field worker utilization by enabling them to continue work when they have no access to Internet

Do you want to monitor the generation, assignment, execution, closing and debrief of field work orders on time? Partner with ServiceMax.