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Advanced Field Service Technology for High-Tech Enterprises

High-tech enterprises witness stiff global competition, complicated distribution network and changing supply service chains. Furthermore, the SLA’s are rigid, product lifecycles critical and consumer expectations are high. Want to ensure field service efficiency and increased service revenue? ServiceMax’s advanced field service technology can help.

An advanced field service technology helps your enterprise gain complete visibility of the allocated work orders to your partner service teams. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Check for entitlements automatically prior to creating an RMA or dispatching a field tech for repair
  • Maximizing the mean time to response and SLA promises by allocating an expert field tech based on skills, location and availability
  • Feed the parts accessibility and location data in the field scheduling procedure to increase first time closures
  • Cross-sell and up-sell other service offerings with mobile access to discounts and pricing
  • Allow consumers to generate their case requests and refer to knowledge bases when required

Do you want to get a holistic view of parts, pricing, service history and orders and pre-integrate it to the CRM? Get ServiceMax.