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Depot Repair and Inventory Management

There are often glaring revenue opportunities during the contract process that are missed due to a field technician's lack of proper tools in hand. With ServiceMax, when your customer purchases a product, your tech can now offer the choice of various equipment repair service plans to pick from depending on what works best for him.

These service plans represent a wide array of pricing, discounting and SLA options. Once a service plan is selected, your technician can easily create a repair service contract on his mobile device in an easy-to-use solution at the point of product sale.

Our Field Service Reports and Dashboards enable management to make the correct strategic business decisions. Serviceman allows you to answers on key operational questions such as: How many of your customers have recurrent service issues? Who are the technicians that worked on a particular piece of equipment? How skilled are those technicians? What service contracts resulted in higher revenue?

ServiceMax delivers end-to-end field service solution to help propel your business forward.