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Mobile Field Service Management

According to Aberdeen's Field Service 2011report, usage of mobile apps in field service improves performance and productivity.

ServiceMax Mobile's app for iPad, which is the only end-to-end field service application currently available, comes armed with touch screen capabilities, easy app installation, portability. In short, ServiceMax has taken field service to the next stage.

Apart from HTML5 experience, ServiceMax offers numerous native mobile solutions for Smartphones, iPads and Laptops. ServiceMax Mobile actually allows field techs, executives and service managers access ServiceMax virtually any device, anywhere at any time of the day. ServiceMax solution is powered by HTML5 and provides rich, consistent and powerful browser-based experience if you access the solution through tablet, Smartphone or laptop. This guarantees that you have access to relevant information everytime. Besides, organizations can install any device or allow their technicians to bring their own personal devices to work.