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ServiceMax’s Advanced Field Service Automation Software

The future of the Field Service industry is unfolding fast, growing with an expanding range of advanced service capabilities on a IoT-connected, cloud-based platform. Broadly, complete Field Service Management (FSM) brings together powerful, software solutions. At the practical day-to-day level, FSM gives an organization the essential tools to install, maintain and repair systems and equipment at remote customer locations. 

Specialized tasks include scheduling and dispatching work orders, routing and tracking vehicles, managing the workflow of technician teams, and integrating all of this information with parts inventory, billing, and other back-office systems.

Tailored software systems enable service providers to automate these complex processes and streamline data gathering with near real-time visibility -- at a central-office dashboard and at mobile devices in the field.

Field Service Automation

Service Automation drives many of the core benefits of a comprehensive Field Service Management solution. What has previously been an overtaxed manual process is now elevated to a level where accurate information and mobile communications facilitate prompt decision-making for dramatically improved productivity, efficiency and profit.

IoT-connected field service employs smart machine sensors to monitor systems remotely 24/7 and enables proactive, preventive service rather than the reactive service of the outdated break-fix model.

Sensor alerts reliably report degrading performance before equipment or systems fail. This can automatically trigger default settings and create a work order for an emergency repair visit to avoid any machine downtime, keep contractual uptime agreements, and maintain consistent customer satisfaction.

Today’s solutions give service providers automated capabilities that include scheduling and dispatch for dozens of technicians, tracking vehicle routes and locations, monitoring workflow company-wide across large regions, and staying current on inventory for thousands of parts.

In the age of connected equipment, service organizations want to build on their installed base and create closer relationships with customers to deliver next-generation services. By harnessing IoT (or industrial internet) capabilities and combining the power of machine data, conditions monitoring, and service history, organizations can capitalize on field service for a significant competitive advantage.

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