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Technician Utilization Tips for Field Service Engineers and Managers

Technician utilization is crucial to field service business success. Many companies often overlook this point. Field service engineers and managers need to assess the time field techs remain idle vis-a-vis the time taken to solve customer problems. ServiceMax makes the task easy.

According to Aberdeen an average field tech idle time is 40%, which can result in poor performance. Using ServiceMax field service engineers and managers can increase technician utilization rates. ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service suite helps you:

  • Keep your field techs focused on the billable activity and attend priority customers first
  • Empower your field techs with all the relevant service, customer and product data within their reach to solve customer issues on time
  • Execute smarter dispatching rules to schedule and allocate technicians
  • Free your resources from erroneous dispatch processes to deliver an optimized schedule
  • Encourage your field techs to use their preferred mobile device at work and stay connected to other field experts

Want to ensure that your field techs accomplish more tasks in a day instead of unnecessary travel? Get ServiceMax.