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ServiceMax Transforms & Simplifies Field Service Management Market

Field service is complex with work order management, scheduling technicians, service contracts, inventory and repairs and more. All these need to be synced well for success and profits. Managing processes like scheduling makes field service companies encounter bottlenecks in other areas. A compact solution addressing the entire field service lifecycle is a pre-requisite.

ServiceMax has transformed the field service management. We ensure that all the components of field service i.e. parts, contracts, scheduling, mobile, and social are cruising along. Our cloud-based field service solution takes field service enterprises to the next level.

ServiceMax’s intuitive Service Flow Manager, UI and configurable automated processes make field service management a snap. Our intuitive field service solution offers easy access to relevant data, guided workflows and automated processes. This allows technicians focus more on making customers happy.

Interested to learn more about the field service management market? Download our White Paper.