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ServiceMax Simplifies Field Service for Medical Equipment Companies

In the field of medical equipment, having the machines up and running at all times is crucial. Patients depend on the best treatment alternatives. However, waiting should never be an option. The field service technicians should respond fast in case of problems. To manage this efficiently they should use mobile software that manages complex tasks and keeps the medical equipment running. ServiceMax is the best solution!

Use ServiceMax's cloud-based medical equipment dispatch software to create and allocate schedules for different work orders. You can automate product tracking at customer locations and retain multiple-level configuration data available. You can also track SLA's, entitlements and contracts.

Benefits of medical equipment dispatch software include:

  • Better revenue streams
  • Removal of warranty leakage
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Process automation

Redefine medical equipment scheduling with ServiceMax's advanced scheduling software. You can manage manual, and interactive medical equipment service scheduling seamlessly. Check out our White Paper to know more.