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Revolutionizing Field Service Applications - Reports and Dashboards

Do you want to make your field service business a success? The key is real-time visibility. With multiple moving parts, there must be a process to view all the data you get in a combined format. The management and field techs require useful insight into tactical, strategic and everyday service functions. This is essential to make updated decisions concerning service delivery and operations. ServiceMax's advanced Reports and Dashboards feature offers you the ability to view losses, profits, SLA's and inventories.

Using ServiceMax you can achieve real-time status updates on the installed goods along with delayed RMA's, expiring warranties and crucial work orders. ServiceMax reports consolidates the moving parts that constitute the field service delivery function, like the work orders, technicians and consumers.

ServiceMax users can be integrated with CRM services with service parts and inventory management. This provides a holistic view on the visibility pf parts, products, entitlements and accounts. If you want to specialize in flawless field service, get ServiceMax.