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Mobile Field Service Management Tools | ServiceMax

Mobility is the characteristic of field service organizations, technicians working in these organizations are always on the go for servicing customer needs. It becomes critical to maintain connectivity with the mobile workforce at all times. This is where ServiceMax can help; technicians can access ServiceMax through iPad to communicate between themselves and with the headquarters. Servicemax's Reports and Dashboards helps management gain visibility into strategic, tactical, and routine service operations by providing access to inventory, profits, and losses on-the-go.

ServiceMax's reports cover all the moving components that make up a field service operation, whcih includes customers, work orders, and technicians. Managers can now get real-time information about the status of work. Our customers get integrated field service and CRM system along with inventory and service parts that provide visibility into accounts, products, and entitlements.

ServiceMax Mobile enables field technicians, service managers, and executives access ServiceMax services from anywhere, anytime. With ServiceMax's flawless, on-the-go service, you can take action from anywhere and access real-time reports and dashboards through mobile or web.