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Flawless Field Service Reporting with ServiceMax

The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” holds true for field service reporting. Valuable bulk data without purpose, context, structure and visibility leads to poor quality reporting. For flawless field service reporting, partner with ServiceMax.

ServiceMax’s Reports & Dashboards enable you to set up KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to keep your service business competitive and profitable. It also helps you:

  • Define and create field service report sheets from any kind of functional entity like parts movement, technician skills and work-orders
  • Set up and personalize dashboards that include multiple charts and reports in a user specific format
  • Embed dashboards and reports in any page of ServiceMax application
  • Grant access control to any dashboard and report depending on user roles
  • Push any dashboard or report to a mobile device depending on user visibility and role limitations
  • Customize reports with intuitive drag and drop, filtering and preview options

Give your field service data a boost for flawless reporting. Get ServiceMax today!

Download our White Paper to learn more.