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Advanced Field Service Technology from ServiceMax

Field service companies often look at their business as a cost-center. Equipped with advanced field service technology, your company can unlock revenue opportunities, deliver flawless field service and ensure customer delight. ServiceMax can help!

ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service technology increases revenue by 22% and reduces costs by 14%. The field service suite offers:

  • Total visibility – Allows service teams to have in-depth visibility of the service delivery functions and business changes as and when they take place
  • A comprehensive field service suite – Offers advanced scheduling, contract entitlements, workforce optimization, social collaboration tools, parts and reverse logistics and communities
  • A cloud environment – Developed on Salesforce1 platform ServiceMax users can operate a low cost subscription model
  • Anytime and anywhere access - ServiceMax Mobile offers access to relevant product, service and customer 24 x7

Re-thinking about your field service technology? Think ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.