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Field Workforce Scheduling

In order to ensure an efficient and fully optimized service operation, it isnecessary to decide who should be sent for the job. ServiceMax , a comprehensive collaborative and mobile field service solution, comes armed with built-in workflow reminders and notifications to keep you proactive. Its immense features help to get things done swiftly and easily.

ServiceMax's dispatch console improves utilization rate and gurantees that the customer is assigned the right technician. Its automatic scheduler for preventive maintenance guarantees timely scheduling, and offline and online access to work order data so that your technician can swiftly and correctly enter pertinent information anyplace anytime.

ServiceMax Reports & Dashboards provides your executives, and service staff with tremendous visibility on technician activity, losses, profits, inventory levels, and other crucial service information in real-time. ServiceMax provides the business intelligence to run a competitive and lucrative service organization.