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Increase Field Technician Utilization with ServiceMax

Field technicians are the life force of your field service business. It is crucial to use them in an optimized manner. Want to increase technician utilization rates and ensure customer delight? ServiceMax’s work order management can help!

ServiceMax helps your field technicians focus on work and reduce unnecessary travel. It helps in the allocation, creation, execution, debrief and the closure of work orders. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Reduce pointless paperwork
  • Increase field technician productivity
  • Minimizing billing mistakes
  • Speed up collections and reduce the days sales outstanding
  • Minimize the expenses by precise tracking parts, time and labor costs
  • Fulfill SLA commitments on time
  • Reduce the operational expenses by enabling both partners and the customers with real-time updates on work order status

Prevent your field technicians from wasting time on trying to understand the software. Instead, empower them with advanced software to solve customer issues effectively. Get ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.