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Keep the Field Service Teams In-the-Know, Engaged and Productive


Field service organizations have many moving parts, but above all, providing extraordinary customer service is key. Equip your field service team with a real-time communication platform to make an immediate impact on performance. Techs will:

  • Coordinate with dispatch easier and solve issues faster
  • Build team camaraderie regardless of location
  • Stay on top of deliverables like training certifications and mileage reports

With Zinc's All Mode Communication Platform, you connect off-site workers with office teams, ensure tribal knowledge is shared, keep teams aware of safety hazards, and drive increased productivity, engagement and retention. Add Zinc to your field service management software mix.

Focus on What Matters for Your Off Site Workers

Give your field service management software efforts a boost with Zinc's enterprise communication app. From any device, field teams are connected to the people, knowledge, and, resources they need to succeed.

Team Performance
Improve technician performance through real-time interactions with managers, team members, and other departments who have the answers techs need.

Field Visibility
Know what’s happening in the field using Zinc’s Communication Analytics. Our field service report software reveals communication activity within Zinc, including group creation and growth, user activity levels, and network mapping.

Team Building
Enhance team culture by strengthening relationships between technicians and managers, no matter how far apart teams are located. Create a culture of connectivity that drives engagement and retention.

Easy Reminders
Reduce dreaded busy work and streamline paperwork-related processes with instant check-ins and status updates.

Knowledge Sharing
Capture and leverage tribal knowledge so that new technicians can be brought up to speed quickly and to prevent the same problems from recurring.

Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience

With Zinc, the whole team stays in touch. Whether you are driving to your next customer site, climbing up a ladder or handling a customer issue, you can constantly communicate with off-site employees to complete work in the most efficient way. Designed for ease-of-use, Zinc's field service solution lets you get the job done faster.

  • Send a message or a picture
  • Find the team member who has the exact product knowledge you need
  • Go hands-free with a Bluetooth device

Forget the awkward wait times at the customer site and always deliver an exceptional customer experience.