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Get Listed Amongst the Great Service Companies

Do you want to be counted as one of the great service companies? For that you have to ensure customer delight and quick resolution times. ServiceMax can help.

Using ServicePulse from ServiceMax, your field techs can be aware of customer problems beforehand and work out necessary ways to solve the same effectively. ServicePulse is more than a social networking platform and can completely transform the way your organization collaborates on topics related to field service.

ServiceMax makes you function like other great service companies by:

  • Enhancing the first time fixes and carefully averting all expensive second truck rolls
  • Documenting and leveraging the tribal knowledge
  • Enhancing the field tech utilization and productivity
  • Bringing into focus critical service concerns and then solving them fast
  • Promoting meaningful associations all over your distributed team
  • Offering field techs complete visibility of work order updates, changes and crucial items as they occur
  • Offering all relevant features of social networking like status updates, liking, document sharing, trending, following and commenting

Want to dispatch your best field techs and service engineers on every service call? Get ServiceMax.