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ServiceMax’s Cloud-Based Service Suite Helps You Save Money in Business

Field service companies are gradually shifting to the cloud platform. Legacy and on-premise software cannot keep up to the dynamic nature of modern day field service industry. Field service managers want to offer customer delight and earn high revenues without increasing their costs. Want to save money in business? Partner with ServiceMax.

ServiceMax’s helps you saves money in business in the following ways:

  • Running on a scalable and trusted cloud platform ServiceMax does not require extra investments on any hardware or software for implementation
  • Offers a low-cost subscription model that helps users to get up and running fast
  • Offers a “pay as you use” price model
  • Results in almost 14% minimization in costs
  • Increases service revenue up to 22%

ServiceMax’s field service suite includes scheduling, workforce optimization, contract entitlements, reverse logistics, social networking and customer communities. Operating on cloud there are no chances on costly upgrades since the application upgrades take place automatically.

Do you want attain more profits by investing less in your field service business? Get ServiceMax.