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ServiceMax Helps You Capitalize on HVAC Business Opportunities

Every HVAC company wants to increase its service revenue and offer customer satisfaction. However, there can be certain challenges that hinder a company from capitalizing on HVAC business opportunities. They are:

  • HVAC field techs not having adequate tools for tracking labour time correctly, leaving job costs un-billable
  • Electronic forms not offering the correct data to HVAC field techs whilst they are on a customer site
  • Unnecessary paperwork that restricts a company from maintaining accurate field work order updates

ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service suite helps companies capture HVAC business opportunities by focusing on what is important. Its intelligent Dispatch Console can assign schedules for multiple field work orders. It ensures that the right field tech is dispatched to accomplish specific tasks. The advanced Service Flow Manager ensures that all critical installed product information is available to help the HVAC field tech in repairs and returns. ServiceMax helps to increase HVAC field tech utilization rates and billable hours by 20%. Read our White Paper to know more.