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Rethink Field Service the Fast, Easy Way.

ServiceMax helps customers of any size to improve their service delivery process, enhance revenue growth, and delight customers. We know you are ready to grow your business now; not waste time, resources and expenses on a customized deployment. That's why ServiceMax works for smaller companies to get them started fast based on best practices extracted from hundreds of deployments. ServiceMax utilizes comprehensive training and preconfigured workflows for a swift, low cost deployment that lets you to be up and running in a matter of seconds.

Service Flow Manager, a new technology, brings about changes in the design and delivery of software. It allows service organizations to integrate quickly their business processes directly into ServiceMax with the help of an incredible drag-and-drop interface. The interface allows easy deployment and alteration of processes as per business needs. Besides, it leverages trends in consumer-based interface design to help technicians with workflows, ensure stable and best practice-driven service quality on each visit and decrease training requirements.