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Increase Revenue with Efficient Management of Contracts

Increasing service revenue is one of the core objectives of field service companies. Being unable to deliver a systematic suite of field service tools deprives the bottom and top line of supplementary cash. Want to increase revenue without incurring extra costs? ServiceMax offers help.

ServiceMax’s warranty and contract management enable companies to manage and define a huge selection of service plans that helps them foray into new business areas. Use ServiceMax to increase revenue as well as:

  • Gain total visibility into contracts and warranty in service delivery
  • Grow your business by expanding into new market spheres and provide new service offerings
  • Maximize revenue by averting warranty leakage
  • Accelerate cash flow by ensuring precise billing and service tracking
  • Enhance customer delight by utilizing the standard service plans
  • Improve the reliability of service offerings and ensuring dependable and guaranteed profits

Do you want to increase revenues through seamless contract renewals? Get ServiceMax.