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Work Order Management for Installation

Installation in the field needs coordination. Time wasted on incomplete work orders is an unnecessary cost that can impact customer satisfaction as well as become a time and resource cost. Efficiency has become one of the most important aspects of an installation work order.

When implemented correctly, installation work order management allows you to stay ahead of the competition. ServiceMax, the leading field service software, enables your enterprise organization to simplify the overall work order process — from the set up stage to invoice presentation. 

With ServiceMax from GE Digital, your field technicians can:

  • Complete their installation work orders online with laptops or mobile devices
  • Access a knowledge base or social collaboration tools at the time of repair — both on and off line
  • Manage the allocation, creation, implementation, and closure of field work orders internally and across the partner service teams

Be confident about your employee utilization and management of service requests. Know that the customer SLA commitments are met in time to offer customer delight and generate new revenue opportunities. To learn more about how ServiceMax can help your full field service organization, get a demo today!