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Move Beyond Internal Revenue Service Report with ServiceMax’s Reports & Dashboard

An internal revenue service report is not the only means to ensure effective performance. In the field service business, customer delight results from real-time interaction of your company and clients. ServiceMax helps you achieve this seamlessly!

ServiceMax’s Reports & Dashboards offer updated data facilitated by social collaboration tools. This data combined with finished work orders helps manage and improve service delivery. Use ServiceMax’s Reports & Dashboards to:

  • Develop and customize it to include charts and reports in a user specific manner
  • Offer permissions and access control based on the user role
  • Embed reports and dashboards to any ServiceMax application page
  • Leverage above 70 pre-defined reports and approximately two-dozen pre-built dashboards
  • Personalize reports using simple preview, drag and drop and filtering alternatives
  • Place any report and dashboard to mobile devices depending on the user roles and the visibility limitations

Do you want to give your field service data and internal revenue service report a face-lift? Get ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.