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Depot Repair and Inventory Management

Do you want ongoing reverse parts and forward logistics? ServiceMax can help.

The field service managers, depot repair technicians and warehouse users can effectively simplify field processes and part movements using ServiceMax. It also offers them significant inventory updates.

ServiceMax's inventory management capabilities enable users to monitor the inventory locations and even keep a track of the virtual inventory locations. The real-time inventory updates make sure that the inventory is correct, updated and also audited, thereby bringing down the chances of write-offs and inventory leakage.

Use ServiceMax's depot repair and inventory management service to:

  • Guarantee timely,problem-free replacements and repairs, enhance customer retention and loyalty
  • Bring down the inventory expenses by lessening the parts leakage and write-downs
  • Offer the customer service team with seamless visibility into repairs across the service chain
  • Minimize costs through refurbished goods and increase the spare parts inventory
  • Maximize the revenue via refurbished goods as repairs and placing the new merchandise to sales instead of service
  • Enhance product quality by assessing the return and repair data all through your network
  • Combine and own customer relationships across many authorized service centers to understand the buying behavior better

ServiceMax's inventory management and depot repair also helps you comply with regulatory guidelines through the audit trails on parts movements. Get ServiceMax.