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iPad Field Service Apps Boosts Technician Utilization

Most companies overlook the need for optimum technician utilization. Field workers are mobile and prefer to use new age mobile devices to accomplish their daily tasks fast. With its portability, touch screen capabilities and simple app installation, iPad is being widely used by field techs. Want to boost your field technician utilization rates? Choose iPad field service apps by ServiceMax.

ServiceMax’s iPad field service apps allow field workers easy access to case and customer history, product manuals and installed product configurations. It also helps in social networking through ServicePulse. ServiceMax offers:

  • A calendar view of field work orders and allied tasks that can be dynamically changed
  • Automated, instant pricing for material and time estimations
  • Data validation whilst the data entry process that ensures data integrity without an Internet connection
  • Easy and quick access to critical data like location, product service history, entitlement verifications, contacts, warranties and repair
  • Smart Business Docs that helps to set up service reports and invoices to obtain consumer signature

Are your field workers still using outdated clipboards and rugged devices? Do you want to increase field tech productivity by offering them greater agility? Partner with ServiceMax today.