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Improve your job dispatching productivity by 31%! Our other customers have done it and so can you!

'With ServiceMax, we got a cost-effective and complete field service solution with the built-in sophistication our service operations require' Mike Tacconi, VP of Service, Pentair.

Did you know that you can dramatically improve the efficiency of your job dispatching operations using ServiceMax's software This efficiency results in an improvement of field technician utilization rates and meeting your customer SLAs leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Here is how you improve your job dispatching efficiency ServiceMax's software:

  • Our rich, interactive and highly configurable dispatch console makes job dispatching easy and error-free
  • View job dispatching lists based on users query criteria like assigned, unassigned, and high priority
  • Drag and drop job dispatching assignments to technicians
  • Get the right technician for the right work orders based on territory or proximity
  • Fix pre-defined rules to assign technicians on the basis of skills,proximity to the job expertise levels, and driving distances to work order,
  • View the locations of technicians and other current routes in real-time in our geographical map display
  • Automate job dispatching by allotting work orders to service partner resources on the basis of pre-defined partnership terms