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Features of Cloud-Based Job Scheduling Tool

Allocating tasks to field workers is an intricate process. Are you attending your priority customers first? ServiceMax’s cloud-based field worker job scheduling software tool can help.

If you want to offer customer delight and retain field service efficiency, it is essential that you make sure your:

  • Field techs are allocated jobs according to their skills and locations
  • Field techs are not busy elsewhere to complete the tasks already allocated to them
  • Field techs focus on work than unnecessary travel
  • Consumers appointment time slots are maintained
  • The schedule is effective and has no negative impacts on customer delight

ServiceMax’s cloud-based job scheduling software tool comes with an intelligent UI and manages automatic, manual and fully interactive scheduling processes. It offers a Dispatch Console that helps you generate and assign schedules for various field work orders. You can also maximize the field tech utilization rates by maximizing the wrench time and minimizing the windshield time. Use ServiceMax to increase the chances the first time closures as well as minimize the mean time repair by dispatching the skilled tech to the job.