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Make Proactive Customer Service Possible with ServiceMax' Field Maintenance and Repair Software

Regular maintenance and repair are essential to extend the life of any device, machine or equipment. However, ensuring proper maintenance and repair is an uphill task for today's customers because of lack of proactive customer service.

ServiceMax makes proactive customer service possible with its field maintenance and repair software. Powered by ServiceMax' field service industry's most innovative collaboration functionality, ProductPulse, you get to know whether a device is down before your customer realizes it. Using machine-to-machine communication and remote device monitoring, the device automatically communicates problems allowing you to proactively dispatch a technician to resolve the issue.

With ServiceMax' field maintenance and repair software, you can:

  • Improve first time fix rates by dispatching technician with all the required tools and parts
  • Enhance productivity and technician utilization rates by enabling them to access experts and answers from a mobile device quickly
  • Tap the collective knowledge of the team to resolve issues
  • Build knowledge repository so that other technician can utilize the information
  • Get an automatic, real-time view of what’s going on with your business and your most important customers

ServiceMax' field maintenance and repair software and its technological innovations such as ServicePulse and ProductPulse enable you to take field service to an entirely new level.