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Depot Repair and Inventory Management

Don't wait around for your customer to ask you for help; get them on a contract now, collect recurring revenue, and keep your customer up, running and satisfied.

ServiceMax offers a highly configurable maintenance (preventive) solution that allows you to design, create, and execute maintenance plans to auto create all cases/work orders, and assign them te technicians, as well.

ServiceMax offers an innovative collaboration functionality called the "Chatter". Product Chatter uses the device monitoring technology to send out error messages to customers from their systems in order to proactively service the issues.

With the correct maintenance plans to suit every customer's need, and the tools to properly track what customer's have and are entitled to, your service business will never lose a revenue opportunity for upsell or cross-sell. Free service is never given away, as everyone in the service delivery chain knows instantly if the service needed is covered by contract or is a service for which you need to invoice the customer. It is that easy with ServiceMax's complete field service management solution.

Check out our maintenance management software today.